The company was founded in 1993 by the current managing director, Sarel du Toit.

Sarel is a qualified nutritionist and the original activities of the company consisted of doing formulation work for feed manufacturers, as well as other consulting work within the feed and agribusiness environment. The activities very soon developed in supplying raw materials to the then customer base.

Since DAS Commodities originated from the high demands of production, our team knows exactly how to handle production lines and similar suppliers in order to provide our customers the right quantity of the right quality, every time.

Our knowledge not only stretches locally, but Southern Africa as well as a multitude of countries, worldwide. With closely monitoring our suppliers and current markets we are always able to give an overview and prices and quality on the market.

Since DAS Commodities is only a trading house, we share expertise with our sister companies, which is situated inside the heart of production, as well as international current and relevant technology development companies.

The founder of the business, Sarel du Toit, was born and grew up in Namibia. He studied at the University of Stellenbosch where he obtained a BSc and later an MBA degree.

He started his work career in 1981 as a technical representative for a prominent feed company. This led to him founding Feedmaster, the leading feed manufacturing company in Namibia.  After 8 years as managing director he sold his interest and moved to Stellenbosch where Du Toit Agri Services was founded. Du Toit Agri Services (DAS) subsequently became DAS Commodities in 2001.

As managing director of DAS Commodities, he has substantial exposure on board level and served as the technical services director on the board of four associated companies.

Since 1999 his energy has been focused on developing DAS Commodities as a focused trading house with a diversified portfolio of interests. His role in the organization focuses on general management and marketing. 

The principal is successful, well-trained, experienced and a hands-on executive with an enviable network base.

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