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At DAS Commodities, we pride ourselves on supplying high quality products on a continuous basis to our clients.

• High quality
• Continuous supply
• Sourced from local reputable producers and suppliers
• Imported from reputable sources in China, France and SADEC countries

• Product offered in bulk, 25kg bags, 50kg bags, 1000kg bags – depending on commodity;
• Source highest quality packaging materials to ensure that product is protected from any outside elements and contamination;
• Packaging is branded according to the legal requirements as prescribed by Act 47 of 1937, Department of Agriculture South Africa

• We strive to offer the most competitive prices in relation to market pricing

Payment Terms:
• Payment terms range from cash against documents, 30 days, 30 days after statement and Letter of Credit
• Full credit checks are obtained on all clients

• All products supplied to customers are registered at the Department of Agriculture of South Africa and where applicable in Namibia
• DAS Commodities holds a vast range of registrations, both for Farm Feeds as well as Fertilizers
• In cases where we supply a product where DAS Commodities is not the registration holder, we ensure that the supplier is registered, and we obtain copies of such registration certificates


• We offer our products on a range of incoterms including:
- Ex Works / Warehouse
- Delivered (CPT)
• Transporters used in our delivery are reliable and have longstanding relationships with DAS Commodities
• Logistical arrangements and if problems do arise, are handled in house
• Delivery of products are done in a timely fashion and as efficiently as possible


• Imported products are warehoused in Malmesbury and Durban
• The quality of warehousing and supporting services are monitored and managed to ensure that product is stored correctly
• We aim to warehouse our products as central as possible to limit transport costs for clients

Quality Control

• Emphasis is placed on the quality of all our products
• In house quality control is applied to all products delivered to customers
• International accredited laboratory, SGS, is used for sampling and analysis of our products to supply accredited analysis results
• Any complaints are handled with utmost professionalism and in a timely manner
• All technical data including Certificate of Analysis reports on loads are available on request – for all deliveries
• Samples are drawn on regular basis and retention samples are kept in safe storage

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