The group of companies was established by Namibian born owner and manager, Sarel du Toit.

Qualified as a nutritionist, Sarel was responsible for and founded Feedmaster (Voermeester) in Namibia by doing formulation work for feed manufacturers, as well as other consulting work within the feed and agribusiness environment. Consequently, he founded the South African trading house, in 1993 DAS Commodities based on knowledge gained in previous projects, combined with international trade expertise. The activities very soon developed in supplying raw materials to a vast client database.

Branching out, Sarel cofounded South African phosphate bastion, S.A. Feed Phosphates (Pty) Ltd, where a copyright patent in new technology in phosphates was developed into a phosphate processing plant. After this a natural side project, Global Phosphates grew into a self-sufficient project where a 14% Phosphate for fertilizer purposes is still produced.

Simultaneously Sarel expanded feed additives (fish meal) in Namibia, where an independent establishment Exigrade Feeds is successfully producing a continually high-quality fish meal.

The power of these companies lies within the synergy between them, as they are primarily monitored from one administrative basis in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

With a pool of expertise these companies are affiliated and serve with one ethos: excellence starts here. Additional benefits include knowledge of cross-disciplinary sectors, which enables us to share expertise and leverage of high-quality products not only for feed and fertilizer markets, but expand to industrial, mining and pharmaceutical sectors with ease. 

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