The company was founded in 2005 by the current managing director, Sarel du Toit.

Sarel is a qualified nutritionist and the original activities of the company consisted of processing fish meal. The activities very soon developed in supplying raw materials to the then customer base.

The company has provided a consecutive high-quality fishmeal for over ten years successfully without fail. Since 2005 Exigrade diversified into four main areas of business namely:

  • Production of High-Quality Steam Dried Fishmeal
  • Procurement and trade of raw materials for Animal Feed, Fertilizer and Mining Industries
  • Blending operation for the Animal Feed, Fertilizer and Mining Industries
  • Procurement of used oil, filtering the oil and re-using the clean LFO


To play a definitive value-added role in any transaction, whether it is sourcing and marketing of a product, or providing logistical services. To market a diversified range of selected products and services to a diversified range of customers, within the feed and allied industries.

Area of Operations
The company operates from two production points in Namibia, namely, Luderitz and Walvisbay. The trading infrastructure is situated in Walvisbay only and operates throughout Southern Africa, with the administrative base in Stellenbosch. The company has an international perspective with strong associations in Europe, China and South America.

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