Fishmeal is a generic term for a nutrient-rich feed ingredient used primarily in diets for domestic animals, sometimes used as a high-quality organic fertilizer. Fishmeal can be made from almost any type of seafood but is generally manufactured from wild-caught, small marine fish that contain a high percentage of bones and oil, and usually deemed not suitable for direct human consumption.

Commercial use of fishmeal is divided into four main categories:

  • High quality – used mainly for small-scale aquaculture units (e.g. trout farms)
  • Low temperature meal – produced by steam drying, is highly digestible which nurtures rapid growth, and is thus especially suitable in salmon farming and piglet production
  • Prime – meal with a protein count between 66 and 68 per cent. (Super Prime: 69 -72%)
  • Fair Average Quality (FAQ) – flame dried meal with a lower protein count (direct fire causes proteins to disintegrate)

Exigrade Feeds functions in the High Quality and Low Temperature Meals and is focussed primarily on terrestrial (pig and dairy cattle) and aquaculture.  Our meals are produced in landside factories and carefully processed with steam drying processes to ensure the retention of maximum nutrient values for end users.

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