Exigrade Feeds in collaboration with its affiliate company DAS Commodities produces a premium quality fishmeal. The production plants are located in Luderitz and Walvisbay, Namibia.

Exigrade Feeds produces a white steam dried fish meal. There is no human contact with the raw or final product during the production process which decreases the risk of bacterial infection such as E.coli and Salmonella.

The fishmeal is packaged in 50kg polypropylene woven bags and is marketed in Namibia by Exigrade Feeds and in South Africa and China by DAS Commodities. Exigrade offers, through careful production, a higher bioavailability (pepsin digestibility) and therefore helping the animal to consume a higher percentage of the protein available.

The raw material used is mainly hake and other white fish species and is fit for poultry, pig and cattle consumption.


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