Soya Bean Hulls

DAS Commodities sources reliable suppliers of Soya Bean Hulls which typically yields superior returns in areas of application. Our sources as our clients have been with us for over a decade, providing both service and quality on a continuous basis.

Soya Bean Hulls are the outer coating of the soya bean and this hull is removed when soya beans are processed into soya bean meal. Soya Bean Hulls are quite small and are not very dense so are pelleted to increase ease of handling and bulk density. With respect to nutritional value, the loose and pelleted hulls are equal.

Soya bean hulls are a highly digestible fibre source. They can replace both the fibre and some of the grain portion of the diet due to their energy level and digestibility. In diets where forage is being consumed Soya Bean Hulls can have a positive impact on forage intake and digestibility.

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