CalSiPhos P16

Originally known as Silfos, Global Phosphates recently renamed the product CalSiPhos for branding purposes. This exciting phosphate is available and registered as a Concentrated 16% phosphate. Although registered only for its Phosphoric qualities, the name indicates additional benefits which clients enjoy – the presence of other minerals and micro elements. CalSiPhos is produced in granular form ranging in size between 2 – 4 mm. Water and citric acid solubility analysis are done in weekly composite batches and is available on demand at any given time to ensure correct application to ultimately yields the best returns in the field.

CalSiPhos P14 is packaged either PP 500kg bags or PP 50kg bags, with PE liners inside. In addition, 2 metric ton sling bags are an optional and sought-after choice as an economic alternative to pallets. Similar to our production, the sourcing of our packaging material is done with meticulous attention to detail, and we ensure only the best quality for our clients.


Product Sheet

Registration Certificate

Material Safety Data Sheet

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